The wizard’s tower( Oastrea Pillar), alight with merriment and joy. This is a grand party, wizards from all over the country have come in a huge annual celebration! Bards, guards (Nana’s character has been payed to guard) and chefs have been hired. All are having a grand time, dancing, feasting and drinking the night away. It is the annual magic celebration, marking the 100th year that magic users could learn out in the open, allowed by law. The Mistress of the wizard tower, steps into the gallery of people and all hush to watch her slowly make her way to the high table. The crowd part to make way as she is lead up by (Grey’s character.) Silence. She stands high above them all and is about to speak when BOOM! The is a rumbling like an earthquake, screams and all lights are extinguished. Our players must roll for battle. The party needs to get Mistress out of the tower and along the way figure out what happened!

The party needs to roll for acrobatics or athletics to see if they fell onto the ground during the quake.
Monsters come out of nowhere in the darkness. (2 agro)

They escape the great hall, there are many rooms. One contains a room of elaborate boxes with magical properties each shall take one. (not knowing what it is unless they detect.) After choosing, there is another tremor they head to the stairs. Try to get by a fallen support beam. (Roll) Reach the stairs.
They can head up or down the staircase out of the great hall.

Down, they head to the cellar a monster is down there and LOADS of bodies.

  • There is no way to get out that way. They must go back up.

Npcs mostly dead with a few living.

Up, they go to the bridge and across to the other tower where they can escape.

  • Bridge collapses and Mistress falls.
  • More monsters
  • They can rest in a library room if they block themselves in (One book has a map of the tower.)
  • They get to the bridge and see a huge glowing rip in the sky above the main tower (They were just in)
  • Another rumble, the bridge starts to crumble (Roll for how fast they run)
  • Mistress can’t be helped fast enough, she slips. (Roll to catch her)
  • Player’s hands are sweaty she slips to the end of their finger tips (Roll to hold on)
  • Another rumble (Mistress falls now (if save) must roll at D20 to live.)
  • A Silver dragon splits the earth from below rising up from under the bridge, it’s head whips around after seeing the rift in the sky. It grabs the party in it’s claw. (Roll to talk to it)
  • (If failed) It swallows party and they must find a way out.
  • (If won) It asks you why the rift has been opened.

Npcs try to ask for help or for the party to deliver things to loved ones.


Tear in the world